Our youth join us on our mission: to live for Jesus, by the Power of the Spirit, for the Glory of God.

We teach them and equip them to learn God's Word in a real way, not just as words on paper, but for what it truly is: the living Word of God. They are also learning how to apply it to their lives and to speak the Gospel in their community.

At the same time, they are building a network of believers to help them navigate the very difficult and formative years of middle school, high school and beyond.

We believe it is very powerful for them to meet with other kids from their community and learn God's word together, so they can then live it out together. This will not only give them the tools they need to grow in their faith but also to share it with their friends. 

God is working in and through our youth! Come and join them to see what is going on and to experience our greatest treasure: Jesus!