DNA Groups

Making disciples who make disciples (followers of Jesus) is the heartbeat of Revival Church. DNA groups are a simple yet structured model for discipleship. Groups are gender specific with 3-4 members as the optimal number.

DNA is an acronym for Discover, Nurture and Act.

The Discover step involves getting to know God and what He has done by discussion of the previous week's sermon text with an emphasis upon how God's Word is affecting us (i.e. bringing awareness to an area of weakness or struggle, helping to understand our identity, or the depth of God's love towards us). DNA groups are not platforms for doctrinal discussions to occur, but places where we can get to know one another, trust one and are able to grow in unity and love within the church as we get to know God more intimately.

The Nurture step involves listening well in order to hear how God might be working in a person's life, whether calling someone to repentance, seeking to increase their faith, or revealing a particular sin that needs to be confessed and forsaken. DNA groups provide a context in which openness and transparency can take place and where individuals are able to speak the truth in love to one as led by the Spirit.

The Act step involves encouraging one another to not only listen to the voice of the Spirit (note: God's primary means of speaking to us is through His Word) but to respond in obedience to whatever He is calling them to do. For example, if the Spirit of God brings someone to repentance, we want them to bear fruit in keeping with repentance and are willing to provide accountability, biblical counsel and the support needed to help them follow Christ.

Prayer is essential within the Christian life. Therefore prayer will be an important part of what happens in DNA groups as we commit ourselves to praying for one another.

The love of Christ should compel us to share the gospel with others. Therefore DNA groups ask and encourage one another to share the gospel during the week.