Wednesday Bible Study

Wednesday nights are dedicated to reading Gods Word together, learning what it means, and how to apply it to our lives. It is a awesome time to meet and get to know other people in the community who love Jesus and dive into the Bible together. We would love for you to join us! We gather at the Kinsella Home, 13300 Rossman Dr, Fall Creek, WI.

6:30 to 9:00
  • Adults and youth gather for prayer and worship
  • Youth go downstairs to pray and study God's word. There is time for questions and discussion.
  • Adults meet, pray, and learn God's Word together. We discuss our readings from the Bible and how to apply what God says to our lives.
  • (Youth usually end around 8:00 and fellowship with each other until the adults finish)
  • Once the Adult finish families are free to leave or stay and fellowship.